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Objective Cinema was an online community for film makers, photographers and artists providing an outlet and a network by which to sell and promote their films and exhibitions online. This was their website.
Content is from the site's 2010 -2011 archived pages providing a glimpse of what this site offered its community..

What is Objective Cinema?

Through this website and our online community of film makers, photographers and artists we will raise awareness and bring forth issues otherwise ignored by the mainstream outlets. We are a non-exclusive distributor and our only aim is to promote, fulfill and distribute these important films and imagery to a wide audience through our vast and targeted network so that creative people can continue doing what they do best.

An update: And you should know a bit about us and our values because it is reflected in the work we do. We are not a stuffy outfit - we glibly wear our superhero outfits - I personally purchase my designer Batman t shirts from MoonAtMidnight.com because they are cheapest there - and although we value and enjoy the mass market (and merchandising of film related products), we don't demand that of others. Of course it's not a requirement that every team member buy classic Batman t shirt styles like I do, but we all identify with super heroes and it shows in our work. If you hate Batman, please read on - we still love you - and there are many other heroes to emulate.

What is the difference between Objective Cinema and other sites?

Objective Cinema differs from other sites in three distinct ways:

  • We are committed to promoting films and other media which definitively promote positive social values, educational ideas and beauty that often are not of interest to commercial outlets.
  • Unlike many sites that tend to be digital warehouses passively accepting orders we are proactive in reaching out to specific communities who may find the films we select to be of special interest to them
  • We encourage a continuing dialogue between film makers and the public such that it promotes greater communication skills, clarity of the film making process and the nature of complex issues addressed in these films.





A film by Margaret Brown DESCRIPTION The first Mardi Gras in America was celebrated in Mobile, Alabama in 1703. In 2007, it is still racially segregated. Filmmaker Margaret Brown, herself a daughter of Mobile, escorts us into the parallel hearts of the ...


A film by Margaret Brown

A film by Ellen Kuras DESCRIPTION Filmed over 23 years, The Betrayal is the directorial debut of renowned cinematographer Ellen Kuras in a remarkable collaboration with the film’s subject and co-director Thavisouk Phrasavath. During the Vietnam War, the United States government waged its ...

THE BETRAYAL (NERAKHOON) theatrical trailer
Filmed over the course of 23 years, THE BETRAYAL (NERAKHOON) is an astonishing tale of perseverance - one family's struggle to survive their journey from war-torn Laos to the streets of New York. Eloquent yet devastating, renowned cinematographer Ellen Kuras' directorial debut is a remarkable collaboration with co-director Thavisouk Phrasavath - a documentary that reveals the hidden, human face of war's "collateral damage".

A film by Agnes Varda DESCRIPTION A reflection on art, life and the movies, The Beaches of Agnes is a magnificent film from the great Agnes Varda, director At one time she was best known for the narrative features she made during the first four decades of her career, but many of those films had a tenuous relationship to fiction, featuring as they do non-professional actors, having filmed exclusively on location, and, in the case of 1962’s Cléo from 5 to 7, taking place in real time. At the turn of the millennium—when Varda was 72—she and feature fiction finally broke up for good, and since then she’s made three celebrated documentaries: The Gleaners and IThe Beaches of Agnès, and Faces Places.

A film by Jia Zhang-ke DESCRIPTION A masterful film from Jia Zhang-ke, the renowned director of Still Life and The World, 24 City chronicles the dramatic closing of a once-prosperous state-owned aeronautics factory in Chengdu, a city in Southwest China, and its ...


24 CITY: Trailer
Directed by: Jia Zhang Ke / Starring: Joan Chen, Zhao Tao, Lv Liping
Chengdu, nowadays. The state-owned factory 420 shuts down to give way to a complex of luxury apartments called "24 CITY". Three generations, eight characters: old workers, factory executives and yuppies, their stories are the History of China.


A film by Laura Dunn Executive Produced by Terrence Malick and Robert Redford DESCRIPTION The American dream of owning a house with a white picket fence goes head to head with environmental sustainability in this urgent, beautifully crafted documentary. ...


The Unforeseen Trailer - HD Remastered
HD Theatrical trailer for the documentary "The Unforeseen." Directed by Laura Dunn and executive produced by Terrence Malick and Robert Redford, "The Unforeseen" has been called "The best film of [2007 Sundance Film] festival, hands down." by Gavin Smith of Film Comment.
Winner of the 2008 Independent Spirit award.


A film by Ilisa Barbash and Lucien Castaing-Taylor. COMING SOON An unsentimental elegy to the American West, Sweetgrass follows the last modern‐day cowboys to lead their flocks of sheep up into Montana’s Absaroka‐Beartooth mountains for summer pasture. This astonishingly beautiful yet unsparing film reveals ...


Sweetgrass Trailer
This breathtaking chronicle follows an ever-surprising group of modern-day cowboys as they lead an enormous herd of sheep up and then down the slopes of the Beartooth Mountains in Montana on their way to market. Call it an abstract Western or the last round-up. Filmmakers Ilisa Barbash and Lucien Castaing-Taylor spent three summers in Montana documenting the process by which sheep are raised, ranched, sheered, and driven hundreds of miles to graze in high pastures of Sweet Grass county. The mode is strictly observational, and there is plenty to see—and hear. Sweetgrass is routinely awe-inspiring and often hilarious. As David DArcy reported from the Berlin Film Festival where the documentary had its premiere, the sheep arent just in the landscape, they are the landscape. The Big Sky country has never looked more spectacular—or, thanks to the ranchers as well as their animals, sounded more cacophonous—and, after Sweetgrass, it will never look the same.


SEVDAH ‘The Balkan Blues’
Stories-of-Sevdah-The-Balkan-Blues-000101.htm STORIES OF SEVDAH – THE BALKAN BLUES: (2007) This 72 minute feature documentary is about Sevdah, a form of Balkan music on a par with Portuguese ‘Fado’ or Argentine ‘Tango’ music. Many of the most well know artists are featured talking ...

A one disk 7 part (26 minutes each) documentary series about the sustainability of food, farming and communities in 7 areas of Europe (England, Lithuania, Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Italy). Each film shows different ways in which people resist the ...

The Lake
THE LAKE (2001) An award winning independent feature film chosen as ‘the surprise sleeper’ at its London Screening in 2001.  It is a sensitive tale of an elderly British woman who returns to Italy to discover the fate of her one ...

Savoring Europe: part 2



Why should I buy films from Objective Cinema as opposed to other websites?

With all of the online stores to purchase DVD’s we offer the acclaimed films you have heard of which is why you are probably here in the first place but we also have made it our mission to offer special films from around the world that would otherwise not be seen by the mainstream distributors. We also provide a valuable service to the film makers by handling all of their promotion , sales and fulfillment so they can spend their time making more wonderful films. We offer more money back to the film maker from their sales than most film sites as well as a targeted audience who purchase these films like yourself. When you buy a film from us you are not only being informed, entertained and enlightened but you are helping to support these film makers so they can continue their important work.

I am an educator what are the benefits of purchasing films through Objective Cinema? Whether you are a professor at a university, a high school teacher or head of a college library we not only supply the films you are looking for to educate your students and faculty but we can work closely with you, linking you with the film maker to create lecture series, talks and discussions so your students can expand their understanding of the film and the issues it presents as a learning tool for the course. We are also open to providing competitive pricing for multiple orders to accommodate your needs within your budget whether you are looking to provide copies for multiple libraries in your district, copies for individual students or for training seminars across the countries using the films we provide for education purposes for staff and faculty. Please contact us at customerservice@objectivecinema.net to speak directly to us about your needs.

How do I buy movies on the Objective Cinema Website ? To buy films on DVD at ObjectiveCinema.com, you must first register as an Objective Cinema member with a reliable email address and chosen password. Registration is free. To add an item to your shopping cart, simply click on the ‘Buy DVD’ button alongside the film title of your choice. You can view the status of your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the link for view cart .You will be prompted for other necessary customer information during the checkout process. You will receive confirmation of your order upon checkout as well as email notification and receipt for tracking .

How do I change or check on my order? To cancel or change an order, please send your request to sales@objectivecinema.net please include your full name and order number within 2 hours of placing the order . We will do our best to apply the change to your order before it has been fully processed . You can check on the status of your order through the My Account section of the Objective Cinema website.

What is your Shipping Policy? Most orders are processed and shipped within 24-48 hours. Your credit card will not be charged until your order is ready to ship. You will not be charged for selected items that are out of stock. Any such items will be backordered and shipped as soon as they become available (see details above). We will contact you via email should we need to verify any information or request further instruction regarding your order.

What are your U.S. shipping options? All shipping costs are calculated through our shopping cart and we ship to all 50 states.

What are your international shipping options? We do ship internationally. Prices vary from country to country the costs are automatically calculated through our shopping cart. One thing to be aware of is Non-U.S. residents may be subject to import duties and taxes which are levied once a shipment reaches your country of residence. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you. We have no control over these charges and we cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary and you should be aware of potential border fees upon receipt of shipment.
Should there be a ‘signed for’ posting and should there be a confirmation that the package has been sent? What do we do if someone claims the package has not arrived?

What are my payment options? Objective Cinema accepts the following major credit cards for payment of goods and services: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We do not accept cash, checks, or money orders for DVD purchases.

Is ordering safe on the Objective Cinema website ? This website has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. To protect your personal information, Objective Media uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. SSL is an Internet-approved standard in security. Our secure server ensures that any user information transmitted to us is safeguarded against unauthorized access. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.

What are DVD regions? Several DVD regions (locales, zones) have been defined and each one is assigned a number or 0 or All. Players and discs are generally identified by their region number. DVDs available at ObjectiveCinema.com are either DVD Region 1 or DVD Region 0/All unless otherwise noted. When purchasing from us, please make note of which DVD Region your desired title is formatted for. The current DVD regions are as follows:

0 or All Uncoded and can be played Worldwide

NTSC and PAL discs must be played on their respective compatible players
1 Canada, United States, U.S. Territories
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4 Australia, Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, New Zealand, Pacific Islands

What is your Return Policy?
Objective Cinema accepts returns of defective items only. We do not accept returns for DVDs that cannot be played due to incompatibilty of region format. We trust that our customers make informed decisions regarding their DVD purchases and therefore, we do not facilitate returns based on personal dissatisfaction with content. If you receive an incorrect item, do not open it (i.e. remove the shrink-wrap). We cannot provide refunds for opened, non-defective items. If you receive a defective or damaged item, please follow the return instructions on the enclosed packing slip. Promptly return the item within 30 days to receive full credit.

Why won’t this DVD won’t play on my computer ?
We cannot guarantee that DVDs sold at ObjectiveCinema.net will play properly on every type of computer set-up. It is recommended that all DVDs be viewed with a standard DVD player.

Do you sell user information? Objective Cinema does not sell your information. We generally use personal information for the purposes of administering and expanding our business activities, providing customer service, and making available other products and services to our current and prospective clientele. Occasionally, we may also use the information we collect to notify you about important changes to our website, new services, and specials offers or promotions. You may contact us  at any time if you do not wish to receive such notifications, or if you have any other concerns about our Privacy Policy. PRIVACY  POLICY ……………………………..SITE TERMS & CONDITIONS

Video on Demand Q&A

How does Objective Cinema Video on Demand – VOD – work ?
Objective Cinema Video on Demand is the most affordable and instant way to watch the films that you really want to see right now. Objective’s VOD service delivers a high-quality streaming video within your web browser. You can watch your film on your computer, web-enabled mobile phone, I-Pad, I-Phone, PDA or even connect your computer to your TV or projector. We deliver the Highest Quality stream with no advertisements using less bandwidth than other sites. This allows you to do other things you need to do on the on the internet while your movie plays, but we hope you will have the time to sit down , relax and enjoy the film. The more bandwidth your film has to work with the better the picture quality as the player monitors your useage and connection to constandly adjust the picture it delivers you.


Do I need special software or computer system to watch the films ?
Objective VOD is simple. You do not need to download any special software or stop what you’re doing to watch the film. You will be sent a link to your purchased film simply click on the link and it will bring you to our player you can either watch it in the player or click on the icon on the control panel to watch it full screen for a high quality experience. All you need to get started is a good internet connection and whatever browser you like to use ( Firefox, Safari etc.)

Note: In order to view your film you will need to have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed. If you do not have this, or are not sure, you will be automatically prompted to upgrade before your film begins playing. All our films also play on the HTML5 platform for iphone and ipads.

Why can’t I skip to different chapters like with a DVD ?
Since you are watching a continuous stream, there are no chapter markers to skip. You can, of course, pause, fast forward, rewind or skip to any other point in the film instantly just by clicking elsewhere in the progress bar at the bottom of your browser window or screen.

How long do I have to watch the films I purchase ?
You have 30 days to open your link to view the film and 48hrs to watch the film once it has been opened. You can watch the film as much as you like during this period or pause it while you make dinner or finish up some work and come back to it later.

Can I watch my film on multiple computers or other mobile devices?
You can watch on any device that you download the Objective Cinema film link into, so if you are on the train and download a film to your i-phone you can only watch it on your i-phone or if you download the link into your computer you can only watch it on the computer you downloaded the film into. This creates security for our filmmakers knowing that their films are protected and will only be seen and watched by the people who are purchasing them. If you want to see the film again on another device feel free to purchase it again and we will make sure you get a discount , you can also gift a film to a friend.

What if my connection is interrupted during the film?
If you lose your internet connection for any reason during your viewing, don’t worry! As long as your film has not expired, you can restart it at any time and go directly to where you left off! We know this can happen sometimes that’s why we give you 48hrs to watch the film, while we can’t guarantee your internet connection we can at least give you as much time as possible to resolve your connection issues so you can watch your film. Unfortunately we can not give any refunds for loss of internet connection. But we keep our prices very low so feel free to purchase the film again.

Why can’t I watch all of the films on Objective Cinema on VOD ?

We are adding more films on VOD all the time so if you would like to see a film on VOD that we don’t currently have available please email us at customerservice@objectivecinema.com and we will let you know when and if it will be available for VOD.

I received my purchase confirmation but not the link to watch the film I purchased what do I do ?
If you have not received your second email with the link to your purchased film within 10 minutes of receiving your confirmation email please check your junk /spam mail folder sometimes it can end up there especially if it is your first time buying from us. Not to worry it is usually waiting there for you !

To make sure you receive your VOD link/links for the future please copy and paste: ‘OBJECTIVE CINEMA customerservice@objectivecinema.net ‘ into your address book .
You will only have to do this once and you should have no problem receiving emails about your purchases from Objective Cinema from now on. If you are still having problems please don’t hesitate to email us at techsupport@objectivecinema.net and we will get everything resolved as quickly as we can so you can watch your film.

I haven’t received any emails confirming my purchase or a link to my film what do I do ?

If you have not received any emails from us within 10 minutes of purchasing your film on VOD please check your junk /spam mail folder sometimes it can end up there especially if it is your first time buying from us. Not to worry it is usually waiting there for you !

To make sure you receive your VOD link/links for the future please copy and paste: ‘OBJECTIVE CINEMA customerservice@objectivecinema.net ‘ into your address book .
You will only have to do this once and you should have no problem receiving emails about your purchases from Objective Cinema from now on. If you are still having problems please don’t hesitate to email us at techsupport@objectivecinema.net and we will get everything resolved as quickly as we can so you can watch your film.

The link that you sent to me goes to an error page ?

If this happens please email us at techsupport@objectivecinema.net with a copy of your purchase confirmation and the link itself and we will get everything resolved as quickly as possible so you can watch your film.

I clicked on the link to watch my film and it took me to a page that says my film has expired ?

If you reach this page it means it has been over 48 hours since you clicked on the VOD link or it has been over 30 days since you received the initial email with the VOD link. If this is not the case please email us at techsupport@objectivecinema.net with a copy of your purchase confirmation and the link itself and we will get everything resolved as quickly as possible so you can watch your film.


Our Commitment to Filmmakers

Objective Cinema is an independent Online distribution network for Objective film makers. We distribute world class quality independent films for film makers that have an Objective story to tell the world.

  • Non-Exclusive Online Distribution
  • Socially Conscious
  • Vast Network
  • Proactive Promoters
  • International Sales & Promotion
  • Target Educators and Government and appropriate organizations and groups.

We are selective about the films and filmmakers we invite into Objective Cinema and we make a commitment to each one. We look for dedicated filmmakers who strive to create films with a voice and a vision about fostering social change and we want filmmakers who strive for excellence in storytelling and technical accomplishment. We are a non-exclusive Online distribution company and we invite filmmakers from all over the world to participate and submit so that our collection is diverse, at times surprising and has an impact on our audience.

We Cover All Your Upfront Costs from Duplication, Printing, Packaging to the Shrink Wrap and Shipping

We know from experience what it takes to get a film made. Not all films submitted will align with the vision we have for Objective Cinema. Unfortunately we can’t be everything to everyone but if we make the decision to distribute your film we will talk to you directly about your aims for your film. We want a personal relationship with the filmmakers in Objective Cinema.  We are not a warehouse; we are proactive and passionate about you as a filmmaker and the issues that your film deals with.  Our online process is just a first stage in what we hope will be a lasting relationship to promote and distribute your important films.

When we discuss your distribution needs, whether you only want to make use of our online DVD sales or you are looking for someone to handle everything from Television and Internet Broadcast rights to Theatrical release we can tailor to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise having, with our founding members, many years of experience in the film, television and the photographic industries. Building on this history of business success that serviced over 5,000 clients in 72 countries and representing photographers all over the world we know what is important is promoting and distributing your film to the widest audience possible, getting the message of your film to  the world and making money to finance the next one. We want to be champions of your film/films, to generate the most revenue possible for you and to create loyal followers of your films.  These are our objectives.

To submit a film for selection  please register with the link below. We will then send you a form asking basic information about your film along with a brief synopsis and a link to the trailer. We will include our terms of business and a Q&A to help answer any questions you may have.

This will be presented to our viewing committee.  Once your film is chosen we request the master digital file along with the disc and sleeve artwork. Objective Cinema will take care of all the cost of getting your film to market. We will fulfill every order with a top quality digital duplication presented in a perfectly printed DVD case. All shrink wrapped and mailed directly to our customers.